Are You a Farmer or a Hunter? Or Both?

So you’ve decided it’s time to start your own business and figure out how to make some money on the side.  💰💰💰

You know you want it to be an online business (Step #1).

You’ve decided that it will be in network marketing (good choice) (Step #2)  and picked your company (Step #3).

This is where you will start.  Just a side hustle and see where it goes.  ❓❓❓Sound familiar?

But you don’t have the foggiest idea where to start.

Well, the first thing you will have to decide is how you plan to run your business.💡💡

Is that where you are?

👉Well, I have a couple of tips that will help with this step.

Inside network marketing there are two broad categories of marketers.

You basically have two choices when it comes to how you will run your business.

You can do a little of both but most people favor one method over the other.

One of my mentors, Jen Johnson, likes to call them Hunters or Farmers .

Here’s why.

First, let’s look at the method of operation for 👩‍🌾farmers vs. hunters🏹.

A farmer, as you know, plants a seed, waters it, weeds it, protects it, and waits for it to grow.

It takes time and patience to be a farmer, and diligence.

If you plant that seed, forget to💧💧 water it, or allow the weeds to take over the precious plant,

You will never reap a harvest (make a profit).

Also, you will never plant a seed one day and pick the fruit the next day.

We learned that in elementary school, right?

When we planted those little seeds in the dixie cups and placed them on the window sill.🌱

Oh how we watched those cups with eager expectation,

Just waiting for the first shoot of a plant to sprout out of the dirt.

It was so exciting, wasn’t it?  

But it was also hard to wait for it to grow.

I remember so desperately wanting to see signs that my plant was growing,

But I didn’t see anything for days.😟😟😟

It did eventually show up and by that time, I had almost lost interest.

But a new wave of enthusiasm👏👏 erupted when that tiny shoot could be seen.

A hunter, on the other hand, picks his weapon, learns to use it, and sets out to capture his prey (customers).

A hunter will see much quicker results, it would seem, but in reality, there are skills he also needs to learn.

He needs to learn to use his weapon (tools).

He needs to learn to find where his prey is hanging out.🤔

And he needs to have a more accurate aim.

Now when you apply these two scenarios to network marketing,

Here’s what it will look like.

👉The hunter is the person who has completed steps #1-3 and immediately sets out to find his prey.  

👉The hunter will start with family and friends and ask them each to take a look at his product or service.🙏

👉The hunter is not always the most popular person, particularly if he is on company number 3 or 4.  

His prey will grow tired of being chased and begin avoiding him, ignoring his phone calls and blocking him on facebook.  

👉The hunter will eventually have success, because if you talk to enough people, you will eventually find someone who is interested.

The only problem is, you will run out of friends and family and have to then turn to your cold market (folks you don’t know).

There are folks who are very successful 👏👏being the hunter.

It is a skill that you can learn and apply.

The farmer on the other hand has other skills to learn.

He needs to learn to plant the seed — give just enough information to arouse curiosity and make people wonder what you’re doing.

He needs to water the seed — stay connected, give great content, do FB lives, provide value to his audience.

He needs to weed the garden and protect the plant — pay attention to his FB page, block annoying negative energy, rebutt any naysayers.

And he needs to harvest the crop — ask your customers for the sale and sign them up!

This all takes patience!⏲

Both of these methods require personal growth.

Neither one of these methods will work if you are a complainer, constantly pointing out the problems and obstacles.

(You absolutely MUST maintain the positive vibe.)

Hunters are typically called Prospectors.  

They go ahead and ask folks if they are open to taking a look at their product or opportunity.

And there is a right and wrong way to do this (as with anything).

Farmers are referred to as Attraction Marketers.

They live their lives “out loud” on facebook.

In such a way as to attract folks to them.👀

They have private conversations with people who engage with them,

And ask lots of questions in order to find out how to meet the need of the person asking.

If they feel they can fill a need, they point them to their product or business,

And lead the way in their business.

Does that all make sense?

So where do you see yourself?  Are you a 🏹hunter or a 👩‍🌾farmer?

Do you need more info to decide?

📞Connect with me and I can help.