My Story

Hi there!  My name is Yvonne Hyde and I am a retired Physical Therapist, Grandma Extraordinaire, and  Network Marketing Professional.  My #One goal at this time in my life is — Blessing Women with the Possibility of Freedom & Fulfillment!  I am so glad you’re here!

As I sit down to write my story, I have to sift through the whole of my life’s history to find the parts that would interest you. Much of it no one ever needs to hear.  The idea that someone would be interested in any of it amazes me.

Who am I? I am Ron’s wife and have been for the past 39 years. I am a mom of two wonderful kids: a boy and a girl, both grown, married and have families of their own. I am a grandma of six even more wonderful grandkids! One of them went on to heaven without me. The others I get to see every day and hug and love on them. What could be better?

Ron and I decided to move from upstate NY (on top of a gorgeous mountain in the Taconic Mountain Range) to Florida in 2012.  The NY winters were getting to be too much for my husband.  It took two years to sell our dream home in those mountains, so in March of 2014 we made the exodus from NY to Vero Beach, Florida.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have my kids and their families come with us, so I have everyone close by. Life couldn’t be better.

Stepping back to 1981: I graduated from Russell Sage College with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1981, the same year my daughter was born, and practiced for 35 years. Unfortunately, health care is changing so much that my job became a computer job with so much paperwork that it was no longer appealing by the time I needed to end it.

The part I liked about Physical Therapy was going from home to home and meeting new people and learning how I could help them become more mobile and independent. I was doing less and less of that as time went on. I was quite sad about that.

Stepping back further to 1976: I broke my back on a trampoline in gym class in my junior year of high school. I spent 5 months in the hospital for a couple of surgeries and rehabilitation.  I also wore a body cast for 12 months after being discharged, so throughout my entire senior year of high school.  Ugh.  The rehab center is where I decided to become a Physical Therapist.

Because of that injury, my back became a limiting factor in my own mobility, and caused me to end my career earlier than planned. I then had to rely on Social Security Disability for an income. This was insufficient, as you can imagine.  (Is this where you are?)

That is when I decided that I needed to become serious about creating my own business and doing it online so that I could work from anywhere I needed to be, including my recliner, if necessary.

I had tried to begin my own business almost all of my married life, starting with Avon, then Tupperware, then Discovery Toys. Next I tried to start a business selling books. I had no idea there was so much involved in starting your own business. I didn’t have the capital or the know-how to do that one.

I believe it was in 2003 that I was introduced to Network Marketing. In that day, we did home parties (you still can), and I had limited success at first, but that soon dwindled because I didn’t know how to work the business. I eventually became a distributor who buys the product wholesale. I was my one and only customer.

In 2016 I became friends with some folks on facebook who enlightened me to the fact that businesses like the one I joined can be built online. And since I had moved to a different state, where I knew very few people, I was excited to hear the possibilities of an online business.

Here I am in 2018. I found a wonderful friend who is rocking her online business and is willing to teach me how to do it for myself! She has her own product and Network Marketing company but she actually has more than one company. One of those companies is helping people like me to learn Network Marketing and do it right!

No more chasing people. No more home parties, unless someone wants one. No more bugging friends and family. Just enjoying my life, my grands (grandkids) and my business in the same network marketing company I have been a part of for many years. They have such a great product. (MOST network marketing companies have GREAT products.)

And this is where you find me today!  I find that the thing I liked most about my Physical Therapy career (helping people become mobile and independent) is the same thing I enjoy about my new Network Marketing career (Yup!  You guessed it!  Helping people become mobile and independent!)

This has remained a constant for me.   If you’d like to connect, please comment on one of my posts here on my blog or look me up on facebook at

God bless!💗