Giggling with my Granddaughter

Giggling with Grandma

I am currently babysitting my granddaughter, Alexandria, while her mommy works.

Yes, I am tired, but I love it.  My hat is off to those of you who are raising your grandkids full time.  That is a tremendous amount of work.  You are saints.

When I was a working mom, I made up my mind that I would watch my grandkids while their parents worked.  It never did work out that way because I was still working when my first grandchild was born. 

I would think this most often when I was frustrated and needed someone to watch my kids and I had to turn to strangers.  I am thankful for those people who did care for my children when I worked, but I would have been so much happier to have been there myself.  

Anyway, back to my granddaughter.  We have this ritual at naptime where we giggle.  I will do whatever it takes to get her giggling. Playing peekaboo, rubbing her nose with mine…she loves it.  And it makes my heart swell.

Then of course, I have to end it after a few minutes so that she will sleep.   I do this by covering my face and pretending to sleep. That’s when she will fuss a bit but finally settle down into that beautiful steady breathing of sleep.  

I was laying there watching her sleep today when I saw her giggle in her sleep!

It was beautiful.  It made me cry with such love.  

As I was watching her I thought I need a picture so I will always remember this but of course by the time I got my phone into camera mode the moment was gone.  

So I prayed Lord please let me always remember this scene.  

Suddenly I realized that I can’t even remember my own kids falling asleep or any of these precious moments.  I remember that we had some but I can’t remember exactly how it all looked and felt.

Then I was crying out of sadness.   These moments are so beautiful that I want to capture them and remember them forever.  

I am so in love with my grandkids.  

Please tell me about your precious moments.  I would love to hear them.